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Sensory Walks #1 - Soundwalk 

Workshop & podcast - 14 October 2017- 23 January, 2018 Rotterdam


The soundwalk was a workshop designed as a sensorial experience with the intented to guide the participants to listen consciously to their environment. Gradually leading the attention and contemplation of the listeners from the physical to aural architecture, the soundwalk explores how the materiality of sound affects our connection and awareness of space.

We present this experience in this podcast (below) that features sound meditation realised by Virginie Dubois and a discussion with the artist and participants of the workshop. 


Virginie Dubois is a French-born artist, social designer and researcher. 
She received her first masters degree in Economics from La Sorbonne, Paris (1999), before later completing two further masters degrees in the Arts – Music at the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague (2013), followed by Design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (2014).

Focusing on the relationship between sound, space and architecture, Dubois’ work invites us to connect with the urban environment and to renew our aesthetic and social experience of everyday life. She creates urban installations, leads ‘soundwalks’ and guides collective listening experiences as a socio-political practice that enables people to engage consciously with their surrounding.

Dubois’ current research investigates the role of sound as energy and material for the future of architecture and urban design, with the idea to integrate the elements of mindfulness, contemplation, well-being and transcendence inherent in listening.

Our partners: OMI Rotterdam, Rotterdam Art and Radio, the Industriegebouw, POST-OFFICE

Podcast - Sensory Walks #1 - soundwalk with Virginie Dubois - Healing Places / RAAR
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