Global urbanization has led to a worldwide growing environmental impact, especially in terms of air quality. The staggering number of early deaths as a result to air pollution outweigh any benefits pollutant industries such as coal and automobiles bring to world econom...

Mental health is essential for a thriving society and with mental illness affecting a large portion of the world population, most specifically in urban areas. How can can artistic practices raise awareness and remove stigma associated with mental?  Discover ‘The Expert...

Architecture is not neutral, designed forms and urban systems are embedded into larger societal trends and values. Architecture provides users with a sense of place, it protects and can inspire social and economic growth. Architecture, can also be restrictive, purposel...

Vycle introduces a new form of vertical transportation which uses the body to navigate buildings. This system, which offers an efficient, light-weight, safe, sustainable and non-intrusive alternative to staircases and elevators is set to transform how people move throu...

CoeLux®’is a lighting innovation that can be used to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, using nano technologies to mimic natural light in indoor spaces.

DEEP VR - an innovative virtual reality game that helps users cope with stress, anxiety and mild depression by mastering the art of deep breathing.

How can you be more focused and creative at work? We share 7 tools that will transform your workspace into a creative hub where innovation thrives.

Studies show a link between city dwelling & mental illness, while proximity to nature is linked with many health benefits. How can we design healthier cities?

”David LLoyd Clubs has come up with an effective way to promote an active lifestyle hybrid concept a restaurant with a sports club, as part of a short, yet effective promotion to promote an active lifestyles.

Limbix has consolidated 20 years of research into the development of Virtual Reality, combining technology with psychology to help patients overcome trauma.

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