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Sunday 02/09/18

Fred Galstaun_edited.png

Fred Galstaun, NL

CEO and founder of Sensiks (Sensory Reality pods)

Fred Galstaun is the CEO and founder of the Dutch tech company SENSIKS. After many years of soul searching an life trial and error, Fred met former BOOKING.COM CEO at a meditation course. After working there for 5 years with Stef as his mentor, he started his own company in 2005. After 3 good years the crisis hit hard and brought Fred’s company on the brink of a personal bankruptcy and Fred sunk in a burnout in 2011.

Laying on the Dutch beach in the Sun one day made him feel better, more energized and positive again. Fred wondered why nature had this calming effect on his body and mind and got obsessed by the idea whether it would be possible to trigger the same hormonal responses in the brain by simulating and combining the various stimuli that happened on the beach.

With the Help of the University of Delft and several neuro- and bio scientist of TNO he started his researched and eventually started building his team with which he created the SENSORY REALITY Pods&Platform with had its global market introduction at SXSW in March 2017

This a multi-sensory experience cabin applied in Wellness, hotels, airports, cruise lines, offices, Relaxation & stress reduction, Mental care (e.g. treatment of dementia, PTSD, autism, brain damage), Holidays, travel, leisure, Retail, online shopping, Education & Training, Home Entertainment, Brand Entertainment & Marketing (consumer brand experiences) or Interactive Gaming.

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