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Sunday 02 September

Little Things,  

by Alexander Gershberg and Ingrid Berger Myhre



Date: Sunday 02/09/18

Time: 7pm

Location: Fair Design Plein, Keilestraat 9, Rotterdam

Tickets: Online reservation only (very limited amount of seats)  

Special offer with your Conference Pass (1 or 2 day)

Language: English

For the closing program of The Anxious City Festival, we have the pleasure to host a performance dinner created by chef Alexander Gershberg (Vegan Sundays) and dance artist Ingrid Berger Myhre.


A meal is a choreographed action of people coming together to share a common experience. In a big wide open industrial space a group of human beings are gathering to have a meal together. In this meal unusual spaces, sounds, images, tastes and text stimulate human connection, intimacy and comfort. 

Today's urban lifestyle mostly takes place in what can be experienced as a rough and stressful environment. Sometimes it is questionable whether this context actually supports the well being of human beings rather than compromises it.

In an humoristic and playful way, this evening is examining how can we create a comfortable and healthy environment within the very uncomfortable and rough factory in which it takes place.

In this evening Berger Myhre and Gershberg make use of different narratives in order to emphasis awareness as resource as opposed to quick-fix-remedies. Their approach is finding comfort through telling a common story while bringing people to share a meal together, acknowledge the challenges and create tension and release within the group. As the evening unravels, the guests will be served with food and told the story of their meal accompanied by various literary connectives such as notes, poetry, fairy tales and songs.


Alexander Gershberg was born in Russia, raised in Israel and since 2006 he is based in Amsterdam. Alexander has developed a unique fusion cooking style for Vegan Sundays inspired by the cultures he is coming from and a healthy approach to cooking and nutrition. His dishes are colorful, original, dynamic and very varied in his use of different flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques. The result is always intriguing, surprising, “feel good” nourishing and very delicious.
The ingredients Alexander uses are 100% vegan and organic, using locally grown vegetables and whole foods rather then refined, processed and commercial foods. Alexander believes that by eating like this, people will be happier, healthier and live in harmony with other people and their environment.
Vegan Sundays is hosting pop-up restaurant events, offering gourmet catering and giving cooking classes. Chef Alexander Gershberg established it in 2011 following his wish to inspire the world to eat more healthy and for healthy food to be more sexy. 
His first cookbook Vegan for Friends was published in Dutch in May 2017.

Ingrid Berger Myhre studied at the Trinity Laban Centre in London, holds a BA in Modern Theatre Dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts (NL) and most recently a MA in Choreography; Research and Performance at the Choreographic Centre in Montpellier (FR). Upon graduation she received Arts Council Norway’s Artist's Grant for Recent Graduates of 2015, and was the year after granted the Council's Artists Working Grant for the period of 2016-2017.

Language and semiotics are central elements to her artistic work. Departing from text, gesture and the juxtaposition of the two, her work proposes cheeky takes on readings and projections of meaning through subtle twists of conventions, context and expectation. Her choreographic body of work consists of CURRENT (2013), LATEST NOTES (2015: with Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness), STAFF (2015: with Andreea David), SUPPLIES (2016) and BLANKS (2017). Myhre is affiliated choreographer at Dansateliers Rotterdam, the house co-producing her works since 2013.

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