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Saturday 01/09/18


researcher/urban designer at Slow Research Lab

Nika Jazaei, NL

Nika Jazaei is an Iranian born Architect-Urban designer based in Amsterdam. She obtained her Master degree in Urbanism and EMU certificate at TuDelft. Her master thesis “United communities of Tehran” explored the complex dynamics of social cohesion and public life in mega city of Tehran. 


During her professional practice in the Netherlands she has been engaged beyond Architecture design with complexities of city planning and landscape. She has gained insight into different cultures ,climates and different ways of communication through many projects around the globe. Her work has been bridging different scales of design from interiors to landscapes. She is currently working as a researcher/urban designer on “Learning from Tiznit”, aproject in Morocco, initiated by “Slow Research Lab” and funded by Creative Industries Funds NL

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