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Image: Courtesy of Triangular Project 2017


May 5 – 11, 2018


Kefalonia Island - Greece

Organized and curated by artist and educator Sandra Volny Ph.D., Resound Kefalonia is an intensive Sound and Space Research week hosted at the Ionion Centre for the Arts and Culture in Kefalonia Island in Greece. Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard will act as a mentor, presenting his work and leading a site specific workshop with the participants.

Participants are invited to explore their art practice through sound: its materiality and intangibility, resonances and connection to the social and environmental context, an “ecology of attention”.

Participants are invited to reflect on sonic concepts using sound, video, installation, performance, meditation, writing and drawing on site in Kefalonia Island in Greece.

Daily activities include collective on-site experiments: action-performance, field recording, video art, drawing, writing, readings and group discussions. The instructor will provide technical support in video and sound.


At the end of this intensive creative and productive week, participants are encouraged to exhibit, perform or lecture their work in the main gallery of the Ionion Centre for the Arts and Culture in Kefalonia. 


  • Explore new avenues of the artist's creative practice through daily activities such as action-performance, video art, creative writing, field recording and photography;

  • Develop on-site experimental models to explore new environments;

  • Share and build collective experience and knowledge on sound and space; 

  • Develop a personal project from experiments or personal practices in a limited time frame and new location;

  • Exhibit the project in a professional gallery;

  • Meet and network with participating international artists.


Visual artists, sound artists, musicians, poets, architects, dancers, performers, designers, anthropologists, wellness professionals interested in experimenting various situations and methodological models to explore the impact and possibilities of aural spatial awareness.  

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To attend Resound Kefalonia completed applications must be sent before March 30, 2018. Places are limited.

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