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Sunday 02 September

Soundwalk in Delfshaven,

led by Antonella Radicchi

A soundwalk is any walk whose main purpose is to listen to the sounds of the environment, re-active our ears and evaluate the quality of the environment through sound. 

In Delfshaven (Rotterdam) a soundwalk will be guided to investigate what quietness can mean to people in urban context and how urban quiet areas can be identified and protected. 

The group will walk in a line at a slow pace, stick to a pre-defined route, in silence.  

Along the route, the group will stop at several locations to listen to the environment for few minutes, in silence. Afterwards, participants will be invited to evaluate each location, by using Hush City app, and to share their impressions with the group.

Data collected with Hush City app will be linked on real time to Hush City Map and used as a basis for the group discussion, which will take place at the end of the soundwalk. 



Tickets: the day ticket or pass grants you a free access to the workshop, but there is a maximum capacity of 20 people in the group
Register: send an email titled "Sunday workshop" to

Date: Sunday 02/09

Time: 15:00

Starting point: Fair Design Plein, Keilestraat 9, Rotterdam

Language: English


What to bring: Hush City app, free on both iTunes and Google Play Stores

Comfortable shoes!


Basic resources:

- Westerkamp, H. (1974). Soundwalking

- Radicchi, A. (2017). A Pocket Guide to Soundwalking

- Download the Hush City app here

- Explore the Hush City Map here

- More on Antonella Radicchi here


Radicchi- day2.jpg

Dr. Radicchi’s expertise encompasses urban design and planning for health and well-being, soundscape research, quiet areas, soundwalks, citizen science mobile tools. In this regard, her ultimate goal is to make our cities quieter and healthy places to live.

Dr. Radicchi is currently soundscape scientist and HEAD-Genuit Foundation fellow at TU Berlin Institute of City & Regional Planning, where she has established and lead the Hush City Mobile Lab.  

Dr. Radicchi is a registered architect and she holds a Ph.D. in Urban Design and Territorial Planning, with doctoral studies conducted at MIT (Cambridge, USA) and at the University of Firenze (IT).

Her research and professional work on soundscape has been widely awarded.


Most notably: the HEAD-Genuit Foundation research grant to set up the Hush City Mobile Lab at TU Berlin, the Ipodi-Marie Curie Fellowship, the nomination as Falling Walls Young Innovator of the Year 2016 (finalist) for the Hush City app, the Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship, and the National Institute of Urbanism Award for the best Italian dissertation in urbanism, then published as a monograph.  Her project, Toscana Sound Map, was commissioned for and exhibited at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

While combining professional and research practice, Dr. Radicchi has lectured extensively at the university level for ten years and participated in international conferences and symposiums. Dr. Radicchi also collaborates with the European Commission Executive Research Agency as an external expert evaluator and rapporteur in the framework of HORIZON 2020.

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